Museums and Botanical Gardens

With an eye to the assembly of botanical collections as horticultural banks and displays for curious public interest, scientific investigations and sustainability experimentation, Comstock brings together global collections of outstanding unique species to expand botanical garden collections and compliment museums' outdoor environments and park lands.


Comstock specializes in the replication of natural habitats and specific biomes for display within living environments compatible for the health and safety of animals and guests. While creating an exhibit landscape concept, Comstock researches the animal's natural environment and try to replicate that as faithfully as possible within the constraints of the exhibit area. 

Civics and Arboreta

Creating sustainable civic designs which add to and enrich the lives of all is the basis of Comstock designs.

Resort & Hotel

Comstock's resort and hotel landscape designs combine aesthetics, horticultural interest in the support of architectural direction, and range from contemporary, modern designs to historic and highly themed architectural constructions.

Retail | Dining | Entertainment

Comstock Landscape Architecture, Inc.'s project experience includes some of the most successful RD&E developments throughout Europe, North, Central and South America and throughout Southeast Asia and China. Comstock's landscapes are developed in close partnerships with client and design architects.


Comstock stadium projects landscape designs reflect on the artistic functionality of "arrival" by all forms of transportation and the creation of recognizable way finding in support of the fan experience and efficient operational criteria.

Water Features

Comstock's landscapes for water features range from contemporary modern fountains to replications and the creation of streams, riverine landscapes, rivers, ponds and lakes.

Theme Parks

Comstock brings over 50 years of landscape and horticultural experience to all project designs in support of creating themed landscape environments for many of the most successful and highly attended attractions and theme parks throughout the world.


Comstock's streetscapes in Northern Europe, throughout North America and Southeast China have created grand boulevard allee concepts, highly functional service roads, utility and entertaining streetscapes in support of themed developments around the world.


Comstock residential design centers around the unique desires and expectations of the residential clients and their family's usage, combined with Comstock's vision for the aesthetic landscape goals of the property.

Flora From Around the World

From the peaks of the Himalayan mountains to the equatorial seas to expansive deserts and lush jungles, Paul’s exploration of varied temperate, sub-tropical and tropical environments has made him widely known as one of the most renowned horticulturists in the world. 


"One of Paul’s very special talents is his vast knowledge and expertise of plant material at a global level…a master at plant material procurement, crucial when working with animals and need to create an environment ….he joined our team and I saw him in action; he did a splendid job…Paul is an exemplary Landscape Architect and it shows in his total involvement, dedication and passion for his work."

Joseph J. Lalli, FASLA

Chairman, EDSA