Paul Comstock

Born into a family of gardeners and horticulturists, Paul Comstock has spent his life around plants. Not only is he an expert horticulturist, he is also a trained musician and artist. He has a true love for the language of numbers, problem-solving and design. His designs draw inspiration from life experience, art, and music. Just as he considers the individual notes and rhythms that make up a melody when writing a song, Comstock considers the chemistry and science of each plant in order to compose landscapes that are both evocative and horticulturally sound.

All of Paul Comstock's designs reflect a unique level of pan-geographic experience. While Director of Landscape Design for Walt Disney Imagineering, Comstock traveled the world collecting, locating, and bringing back rare species of plant material to make his designs as authentic as possible. Among his most significant accomplishments, Comstock is credited as Chief Landscape Architect and Designer of Disney's Animal Kingdom in Orlando, FL. Additionally, Comstock was Director of Landscape Design for Hong Kong Disneyland and Resort. Paul has planted more than 20 million trees and shrubs in his global projects collected from 80 countries around the world.


With over 80 years of collective experience, Paul Comstock and team have designed some of the most successful and popular destinations around the world. The in-house team and extended staff of consultants are a group of Award Winning designers and artists whom all have a through understanding of branding and design development from concept creation to implementation. Each member of the team has years of experience designing landscapes, artwork, themed interiors, theme park attractions, retail, dining and entertainment themed environments, and architecture that encapsulate thematic design ideas from the smallest details to the overarching brand concept. This team has worked at a multitude of scales ranging from the theme parks requiring materials sourced around the world, to high-end retail and one-of-a-kind intimate projects.